What we

stand for

Food is our craft. Our drinks are deconstructed so we can use small batch methods when possible and the finest of ingredients. We want the best and work towards it every day.

What we

believe in

Call us crazy, but we believe in changing the way people see boba and tea. That starts with being transparent, above and beyond what you would expect from normal businesses. It also means we dare to try new things. You’ll never know what will come from us next.

What we

strive for

We source responsibly, pride ourselves on customer service and care about what you think. We give 100% in everything we do and that transcends through the passion we put into creating all of our products.

“We became great friends and bonded over “lunch runs” to the local boba shop…”

Teresa and Michael worked together for many years. Teresa founded a successful nail salon and asked Michael to supply his professional nail products in her salon.  After years of doing business together, they realized that they had the same love for boba tea: Teresa loved milk-based drinks and Michael, the teas.

What developed over many boba drink sessions, was a friendship like no other and they both realized they shared the same vision. They both were astonished. Shortly after sharing more of their dreams with one another, they decided to both pursue the art of making the perfect cup of boba milk tea. The wheels were churning. What developed was the very first MilkT Society Boba & Soft Serve store. Without hesitation, they began construction on two more locations in the Central Valley. And because of their drive and determination, interest in MilkT Society stores has been wide spread throughout California.